Sustainability is a constant attention that we put into our projects and procedures.
It is a fundamental component of our love for life and for environment.
This gives us the opportunity to think in terms of circular economy, so about eco-design


We never forget that we are an historical company in the Medio Olona Park, a protected area whose respect provides additional value to our activity.

Beppetex Certifications

Our certifications:

Tronconi Certifications

Meanwhile Gaspare Tronconi Industriale is certified OEKO TEX and observes standard ZDHC also as a symbol of their performances present on the gateway.


We pay particular attention on the traceability of our productions in order to make visible which are the eco-toxicology, but also social, standards that we respect.

Transparency, in respect of intellectual property rights of our productions, is part of our behaviour and values in which we recognize ourselves.


We are open to meet new partners with same sensitivity, preferring a short supply chain that can be drawn from the yarn onwards, or even from the cotton’s field.