Tronconi Group

Gaspare Tronconi Industriale is the current company name of a business that originates from a familiar tradition persistent over time.

The activity of Tronconi over the shores of river Olona, which includes grass bleaching of fabrics and piece dyeing, goes back to 1597


The factory deals with identifying and play the process of the fabric from its raw form to a unique item, enriched on its fiber and personalized on its aspect.

This is a goal that has been made thanks to continuous update of technological capability, made of knowledge and experience, men, and facilities.


Starting from end of 70s of last century, thanks to the technical effort of Attilio Tronconi, the society has placed itself at the Avant-garde on eco-toxicology and energy saving, predating most of the criteria of sustainability which nowadays everyone pay attention to.

That is why every year the company invests against continuous improvement, in the first place regarding waste water, then selection of raw materials, and with installation of new machinery which help optimize the production.


Integration between Beppetex, always an expression of the Tronconi family, and the processing company is the key that helps tests the innovation, make samples, and minimalize the answering terms to customer’s needs.

Tronconi Certifications

Meanwhile Gaspare Tronconi Industriale is certified OEKO TEX and observes standard ZDHC also as a symbol of their performances present on the gateway.